Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Shell Drawings

My line weight has drastically changed in this drawing. I usually draw much darker, but I was careful with my line weight in this piece. I am slowly beginning to understand what the direction of line does to a form. There is not a whole lot of depth, which is something I could improve on. It gets a little better with each shell drawing. I enjoyed working on a larger scale. It forced me to think about composition and the better quality of the paper made me take this drawing more seriously. I liked the thickness of the paper. I erase a lot and this time I didn't end up with any holes in the paper!

The group I was in was very helpful. They explained that if I had an extra plane to show the underside or lip of the shell, it would give the shell more depth. Something that would also help the depth of my shell would be to add extreme lights and darks to my line weight. This would be especially helpful where the shell sinks in. Overall, my group said that I had a good composition and that I used my entire paper well.

To help my group, I drew a diagram to show a way of mapping out bumps on the shell. I also explained that if you have tight curves toward the edge of an object, it will appear to be round. One of the shells was really well done. All it needed was to be lightened up with an eraser in a few areas.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bodies Exhibit

*The first 5 drawings = in class drawings
*Last 4 drawings = field trip drawings

I really liked our field trip to the Bodies Exhibit on Tuesday. It was so interesting to see what the muscles actually look like under the skin. I think this experience will really help me in my future drawings. I will always have that experience to look back on and be able to pinpoint where each muscle is and what it looks like under the skin. Not only was it beneficial to my drawings, but I honestly learned quite a bit about diseases and the organs. It was all so interesting.

I did enjoy the MIA, though I have been there many times. I always seem to find something new that I never saw the time before.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My cross contour drawings are slowly improving. I am starting to understand line weight and how to use it in terms of atmospheric perspective. The direction of my lines are improving and do not look like a grid anymore.

With the first couple feet drawings, I would say I did okay. I am having a little trouble understanding the bone structure of them still, but I get closer with each drawing I complete.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I feel like my gesture drawings were taking on a sense of movement this past week.

My mannequin is looking alot better since I have redone the thigh muscles. I have also gone through and smoothed the clay out to make it look a little nicer.

Something I need to work on is my line quality. The long pose we did has a very heavy use of line and there is hardly any variation. I have always struggled with this and will need to figure out how to remedy it.