Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emulation Project

I emulated Susie Wright for the Emulation Project. She does a lot of drawing and typically turns her drawings into prints. Her drawings start out as pencil on paper, and then she traces over the pencil with black ink. All of her pieces come out looking very graphic, which aids in the printmaking process. Sometimes she goes back into a black and white piece and adds a splash of color, such as red, blue, purple, or pink. Her subject matter comes from her own photography and sketches. She is interested in her Scottish heritage and natural history.

Since I am interested in natural history and where I grew up, I would like to think that I have some commonality with Wright. I also like to work from my own photography, as does she. I found it interesting that she devotes so much time and detail to one subject, which appears to be floating in space. Her pieces are very striking and bold in their contrast from flat black to stark white, which appeals to me. Her style is very clean in comparison to mine, and I thought that emulating this style would be a learning experience for me. The finished product turned out well, but it is not one of my best pieces. I learned that being clean, careful, and precise with ink is not my forte, but it is something different and I enjoyed this experience.

Hen = Susie Wright
Frog = Jillian Alberg